[RPG] Big Breasts Ninpo Chichi Shinobi [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: みかん畑
Released: 2021/12/25
Translator: broken_division
Game Format: RPG
Genre: animated, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, monsters, beastiality, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, rape, creampie, pregnancy, groping, group sex, fantasy, 2d game, voiced, turn-based combat, titfuck, adventure, fantasy, BDSM
File Size: 1.12 GB

◆ The highest number of erotic contents in the huge breasts series
Basic erotic scene 30 (of which video erotic scene 22)
+ Battle erotic scene 10
+ Dot video erotic scene 8

◆ Animation
de powerful huge breast animation
This work is produced in wide and high resolution! You can enjoy the powerful huge breasts animation!

・ Undressing animation When the
HP is low, a plump undressing animation will occur!

・ Dot hentai animation If
you lose to a large demon, dot hentai will occur from the second time onwards!
Dot hentai will occur even in erotic traps!

◆ Full voice erotic scene
All female characters have voices! Many full voice erotic scenes!
Voices are also attached to conversations other than erotic scenes!

◆ Various play contents
Breast enlargement / breast milk play, heterogeneous rape, boobs pressing play
Fisting, rep, reverse ●● pu, huge dick insertion, tentacle play
assjob, fucking, strong ● fucking, ring ●, handjob , Cunnilingus, masturbation
and more! !!

◆ Erotic scenes
in battle This work has erotic scenes that occur during battle.
Let’s go through the H attack and defeat the demon!

◆ Assassination scroll
Chichishinobi who can know the weakness of the other party by sex.
If you touch the enemy while possessing the assassination scroll, the opponent will be killed instantly!
Let’s level up quickly! !!​

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Keep getting Profile Error and can’t progress after the first cutscene


Who the hell uploaded this? The game starts with no sound besides the intro cutscene, and there’s constant ‘Loading Error’ for the pngs popping up in the first fight. And once the fight ends, the game won’t progress, just that constant error popping up

Last edited 6 months ago by Banbutsusozo1

Seriously, whoever uploaded this needs a slap to the face. I had to manually rename the wrongly labeled PNGs myself (I already have Japanese locale, shut up), but the sex scenes are ALSO bugged and the dialogue boxes disappear entirely when the loss sex scenes start. Nothing I click makes them pop up, they’re there for a few words then the entire box vanishes for the rest of the scene.