[RPG] The Red-haired Demon God ver.1.1 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Nuko Majin
Released: Apr/01/2021
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Plain/Nonpersisting, Female Protagonist, Warrior, Underwear, Cuckoldry (Netori), Internal Cumshot, Big Breasts, Expressionless/Deadpan
File size: 739.22 MB

The “Dimension Hole”, the source of an ever-increasing number of localized monster spawns in the world.
But it is not the army that’s sent to deal with with such matters, it is a lone knight of great power
known as the “Demon-slaying General”, Agnes Flarebite.
However, her power has been stolen…

An RPG featuring a fiery, expressionless, powerful female protagonist who endures violation without tears,
without moaning, and without being corrupted.

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I found this game pretty hot


Game stops working after the first groping scene when you enter the village. After the scene ends, its just an endless ‘now loading’ screen.


Endless now loading screen


Is this game fully translated?


This game was updated today to ver.2.0 which fixes the recollection room, a few game breaking bugs, and new added scenes. Can you please find an update for this?