[SLG] After Service Gangbang Addicts Ver.1.02 [English-Uncen]

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Circle: miconisomi
Release: Jan/05/2017
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: 3d game, anal sex, animated, bdsm, big tits, bukkake, creampie, fantasy, group sex, handjob, internal view, japanese game, male protagonist, oral sex, sex toys, titfuck, urination, vaginal sex, virgin, voiced

Extra Information:

Size after Extracted: 7.54 GB
* If you want to use the unlocked saves, create a Save folder where the .exe is and extract the two files to the folder, overwrite if needed.

Translation Info & Credits:
The mod contains:
Full UI Translation
Full Story Translation
Full Audio Translation + Subs
Uncensored patch

SnowB – Mod Creator, Sprite editor, key translation (machine), UI Text fitting
Anzi – Sprite editor, key translation (machine)
Ras Alaghe – Translator
Jim Hard – Proofreader, Qualitychecker
SeniorMouse – Translator
SpindleFibres – Technical Know-How
Fiddlerred – Story translation (Saya ED)

– Hardcore real time 3D gangbangs!
The heroines are played with by multiple men!
– Extreme bukkake with a focus of every last cummy detail!!
– Moving! Real cross-section depictions available.
– Fully voiced with the lewdness galore!
– Can customize the heroines body and hair style to your liking.
– Real time events for that extra effect!
– Easy to control keypad input.

* Gang bang bang banged by a group of men.
– Cunnilingus, hand job and fellatio all at the same time
– Restrained and missionary + boob job
– Missionary + cowgirl double penetration + fellatio
– Manko grinding with face and back of the knee c*ck rubbing.
– Bondage, mid air suspension and double penetration
– Tied to the table and tormented by electric massage tools
… with irrumattio too!?
– Toy and anal double hole torment + foot job breast teasing
– From the front, from behind! Guillotine restraint f*ck

With bukkake alllll along the way!

* Ecchi for only two
Missionary, fellatio, boob job, side sex,
hand job, doggy style, anal, lick fap, cowgirl…
After cumming, a ruthless unrelenting torment
causing consecutive spine arching climaxes!
Some motions will change depending on the
character’s level of LOVE or BITCH parameter!

* Also, 6 types of ‘service’ to 4 girls and
over 50 types of touchy touchy foreplay!!

# Story
You have transferred to the same school as your younger step sister, Sayo.
But, Sayo has fallen victim to a dastardly trap set by the schools Queen Bee Elena and is now a raving sex addict. Will you attempt to save Sayo? Or perhaps lend a helping hand in her descent into debauchery.
A secret after school stage of sex, service and gangbangery.

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