[RPG] Knightess Layla -The Humiliating Life of a Seed Bed- [English]

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女騎士ライラ 屈辱の苗床生活

Translator: Shodai Mao
Release: Sep/30/2017
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Coercion Violation Restraint Captivity Interspecies Sex Torture

Layla is a proficient swords-woman and likewise a knightess faithful to her kingdom.
One day, demons invade that very kingdom with a powerful army and Layla fights to
the very end in an attempt to defeat the enemy leader.

However, the difference in their strength is obvious and Layla is abysmally defeated.

The kingdom she serves, destroyed… and she herself, a strong woman = a strong womb…
captured by the demons as a seed bed for fueling their armies of conquest.

“I will escape and take back what is our, and restore the kingdom to its former glory!!”
But whether Layla can even escape from her prison. That is the question indeed…

Contains: loss of virginity, orc r*pe, roped and chained sex, slime,
tentacles, guillotine like restraints, tentacle insemination, etc

* Requires RPG TKool VX RTP (free): http://dlsite.jp/RPGTKool_eng/

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This looks fantastic