[SLG] Locked Girl

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Circle: purple-pink
Release: Jul/12/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching Panties Coercion Restraint Rape Anal

* Before purchasing (operational requirements)
This product (both the trial and the retail version) does NOT run on [32 bit OS].
The proper operation of this product has been confirmed on [Windows 8.1] and [Windows 10].* Before purchasing (about the game)
This product is a simple touching game focusing on touching the lower half.
Please note that scenes to touch the girl’s breasts and to undress her are not included.

* Story
One day while you are just walking around, a voice calls from a wall.
“P-please… Please help me…”
When you look at the wall you find buttocks framed in the wall.

Having double-checked that there is nobody out there,
you draw near to her and…

* Features
– The girl’s reaction changes depending on the level of pleasure and the actions you choose.

– There are four categories of actions: hands, mouth, toys and penis.

– There are five patterns of her underwear that are randomly chosen.
Also, you can change the color in the middle.

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How do i do anal?


You have to press the left or right mouse button for a very long time.