[RPG] Slave’s Sword ~The Free City~ ver.1.15 [English]

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Slave’s Sword~自由都市編~

Circle: poison
Release: Nov/28/2016
Work Format: RPG
Last Modified: Mar/15/2018
Translator: NorzZ
Genre: Prostitution Violation Gangbang Tentacle Interspecies Sex

Morally offended by the actions of her own empire,
Luna of Maldonia abandoned her status, rank and family fortune
to make a humble life in the Free City of Selway.

Luna lived peacefully in Selway as a mercenary but,
she was embroiled into a situation that resulted in her slavery.
Can Luna seize her freedom for a second time and smash the
ambitions of great evil all around her?

Slave’s Sword is a female knight assault RPG with a choice-based
“ecchi by touch” system, strong gangbangs & interspecies sex,
assault scenes that change dynamically depending on parameters,
and differing reactions for prostitution and other times.

CG and replay modes are unlocked and autocompleted by finishing the game.

Save data #20 is an autosave slot. Please try not use it.
At a future time this data will be transferable to the next title,
Slave’s Sword ~The Empire Revolution~.

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