[RPG] MUCCHIMUCHI – Busty Bumpkin’s Bumpin’ and Humpin ver.1.005 [English-Machine Translated]

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新生 むっち無知 田舎性活 ~過ぎ去った時を求めて~

Circle: Ota Guchi Field
Release: Apr/30/2021
Language: English (MTL by ZeroB)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, Breasts, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Heartwarming, Coquettish/Seduction, Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Black Hair, Big Breasts, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Creampie, Exhibition, Female Protagonist, Prostitution, Oral Sex, Shota, Tit job, Vaginal Sex
File size: 1.44 GB


The newest work in the series!
Yutaka is a tomboyish country girl who spends her days having fun all over town.

She used to look like quite a mischievous little scamp, but over time she grew into a real bikini model in the making! And what do you know, all the guys in town are making quite a stir about it! But Yutaka doesn’t notice… after all, she’s completely innocent and just loves to have fun!

Two different stories!
Story 1:
A full remake of “Mucchi Muchi Inaka (RJ138052)”!
All illustrations and story have been created anew! There are more characters, more events, and even more country fun than ever before! Explore the reborn village and find the ingredients your sick sister needs to get healthy again!

Use “action skills” to cut grass and plants, or even break the mayor’s pots… Climb up high, leap over obstacles, and use all the skills at your disposal to advance the story!

Story 2:
Take control of Yutaka’s sister Keiko to find out why their mother Aya has been acting so strange lately! Keiko can go places that Yutaka can’t so make sure to use the power of sibling bonds to solve the mystery!

Sexy situations galore!
Yutaka grew up as a rather boyish young girl, and her friends are mostly male. That’s why even now that her body has gotten so outrageously sexy, she got none of the shame you might expect! She walks around with barely anything on, she goes in the men’s bath, and she even pisses no matter who might be around!

As you might expect, she doesn’t know anything about sex… and the men of the village are more than happy to take advantage! They play dirty pranks, they ask her to do lewd things, and yet she still has no idea what exactly she’s got under the hood that’s revving them up like this.

Over 150 ‘mucchi-muchi’ events!

Including less innocent scenes like virgin hunting, sluttification, and possession, there are over 210!
And that means a lot of illustrations — 120 base CG, to be exact.

So go on, try out the demo! This is one country adventure you won’t want to miss!

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the instructions for straw millionaire event is incomplete, stuck at the treasure map part


That save data doesn’t work with the game or is that just my setup? Nvm its not just me lol

Last edited 1 year ago by

theres a solution for the not working save first do a save then exit then got to where you store the save then delete save1 then rename the full save to save1 then exit