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復讐の公開処刑 姫騎士ベアトリス

Circle: dark.ryona.x15
Release: May/29/2016
Work Format: Action
Genre: Blowjob, Humiliation, Pervert, Rape, Gut Punch, Ryona/Brutal
* The storyIt’s been three months since the war was lost.
The princess knight Beatrice fought to the bitter end and her capture.
She has awaited execution in a prison cell.

The day arrives…
Monsters celebrate their victory with a feast and a fight.
Her execution is the main event.

In the last three months, her body and armor have been restored.

Excited shouts surround her as the battle commences.
She will be beaten, shamed, shattered and executed.
Her executioner is a boss troll that hates the princess for killing so many minions.

So begins her last stand, her last battle.
So begins her execution…

* The public execution of Princess Knight Beatrice

Beatings, broken armor. a public humiliation show.
Captured by monsters, the brutal and tragic exhibition of her punishment begins.

* Game system

The princess knight faces violence, assault and humiliation in brutal battles.
In a jail cell barely big enough for two, an invincible troll wrecks the princess.

Continuous strikes smash away her armor and then her clothes, exposing her special place.
There’s nowhere to run, and no defenses left.

Primary moves are punch, kick, tackle and grab.
Make use of combos and it’s possible to make her faint.

If Beatrice faints, she can be r*ped and tortured in various ways.

(The difficulty can be adjusted for players who like a challenge.)

* Ryona action

Princess Knight Beatrice is “dark ryona action” game.
Please be warned if you don’t enjoy cruelty.
Beatrice is driven into the corner, seized, and poublicy executed.

Ecchi scenes are animation.
R*pe from behind, r*pe with woman on top, facef*cking, doll-like r*pe,
foot in crotch abuse, split straddle, and more…
Enjoy the carnage when the princess knight gets reamed by a boss troll.

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