[3D Hentai] Situation 01

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Circle Imokenpi
Release Jul/22/2012
File Format WMV / MP4 included
Genre Girl Boy Shota Younger Man (Dominant)A precocious little boy and the kouhai of the girl’s band club get naked in a private room.
Eye-popping situations in WMV and smartphone-compatible MP4 movie formats!

* 8 files, 16 cuts of Hentai 3DCG animation
* Gorgeously rendered in 3dsmax, post-production with Adobe CS6 Production Premium.
* Hot breathing, sound effects included. A truly different kind of realism.
* 30 fps smooth animation, 920×540 widescreen display.
* WMV and MP4 formats for PC and smartphone
* Length: about 3 minutes (w/o looping)

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