[RPG] Suddenly Feminized?! School Survival [English]

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Circle: Yuki Mango
Release: Jun/01/2015
Work Format: RPG
Last Modified: Jun/08/2018
Genre: Feminized Pregnancy/Impregnation Violation Masturbation Rape Long HairSummary

Protagonist Kazuo Kamiya had a migraine.
He went to the school doctor for some aspirin.

The aspirin made him sleepy so he took a nap in the clinic.
When he woke up, he was in a girl’s body!

Kazuo’s friend Hayashi came to see how he was doing.
As soon as he saw Kazuo’s ladylike form…

Everyone wants a piece of feminized Kazuo.
He needs to get out of here and change back, or else!
The great escape begins!

Ero Events

* Pose art and H scenes are animated!
* Illustrations are brought to life with After Effects.
* H scenes are mainly assault and prostitution
* Gameplay is classic “escape and evade”
* Your ultimate mission is to escape school!
* There’s no penalty if you’re caught (infinite continues)
* Hide, enlist help from friends, move objects…
* You’ll have to solve puzzles (with hints) sometimes.
* 3 different endings and player rankings!

Created with RPG Maker / TKool VX Ace.

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