Sopping Wet JK Rainy Rapeover (Motion Comic Version) [Engsub]

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濡れ透けJ○雨宿りレイプ(モーションコミック版)Circle survive
Release Nov/10/2017
File Format MKV
Genre Cross-section View Student Uniform Bukkake Internal Cumshot Virgin Female

survive brings you a motion comic adaptation of nemunoya’s rainy day story about
a salaryman taking advantage of a drenched wet highschool girl at the bus stop…!

[Story] (approx 20 minutes playback)

One Summer day. A sudden torrent of rain.
The fateful meeting of a salaryman and highschool girl at the bust stop.

“…Fufu, it started raining huh?”

A girl, probably the same age as his daughter.
Her wet and see through shirt, sticking to her breasts.
The undergarments that are visible beyond.
Her voluptuous forbidden fruits tease and tempt him…
The erotic fragrance wafting from her body,
was more than enough to rob him of his reasoning…

“KyaaaaHhhh!! No… Nooo, stop itttt…”

The next thing she knew, the girl was topless on the ground,
her nipples being devoured by the man.

He lets his desires run wild, deliciously feasting on and
violating her young body… over… and over… and over again…
The creamy cum he covers and fills her with, mixes with the rain.
Even so, he fills her with his carnal desires—- Now in MOTION!

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