[VN] Reversal

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Circle: +X
Release: Oct/17/2017
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Buttocks Polygon Anime Lotion Romance Romance Romance Big Breasts
At long last, it’s here! “Reversal” is a sexy carefree getawaywith dreamy Manami on the tropical shores of the island keys.
Reversal is made special to relieve your stress.

No forceful situations, no humiliating insults.
We’re fully invested in this story of consensual romance,
and we know you will be too!

You are a cafe owner; junior Manami-chan is an EARNEST waitress.
Together, an incident transforms your FRIENDSHIP into a passionate affair.
First she says “I’m going to make senpai my pet!” but then…
her affections and yours mingle in a sub-dom reversal of reciprocation,
that takes you both to LOVERS’ HEAVEN!!
Manami-chan has found her affinity with you and the SEX is amazing.
You make love for 10+ incredible days; everything else melts into the distance.

~ The trial version has a mazo start, the full version is doting romance.
Please be warned if you’re hoping for S&M, it’s not that kind of story.

* Beautiful animation

A resort mood at the heart of a fabricated world.
A game world where you can immerse yourself in open-minded situations.
More than you could ever imagine! A resort mood of freedom and liberty!

* Bigger picture size

The imagery pops from the screen in this game.
Upgraded from the days of NatsuUta, this bigger picture size
lets you view scenes bigger, read scenarios more easily,
at movie size quality incorporating the best of ever-advancing standards.

* The challenge of new visuals

Enjoy all the classic action of missionary, cowgirl, doggy,
blowjob, handjob, cunnilingus, nekomimi (cat ears) and more;
and unusual treats like her flaunting wank, intercrural lotion sex,
face sitting and a rimjobbed jackoff.

Created in the first person for a never-before experienced dynamic view.

* Interactive Mode

Featuring a built-in “osawari” (touch) mode with a skinship theme.
Savor the sensation of swaying soft grope-me touchable breasts.

* Tons of content

More volume than ever before!

Operability confirmed for Windows 7/10

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Hello, I am a Chinese player. Thank you for your sharing. I’d like to play this game, but it can’t be operated, the dialog box can’t display text, so I can’t continue. If you have time, can you check it and thank you again for your sharing. (This passage is translated by a translator, there may be some mistakes, O(∩_∩)Oexcuse me.)

Yes, I did. I couldn’t operate it before I set it up. I got stuck in the dialog box. There was animation and sound. After setting, I could operate it. There was sound but no animation.


That is to say, after I set it up, it can be operated, but the screen is black and the animation cannot be played

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