[ACT] Womens Defence [English]

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Womens Defence ~ウィメンズディフェンス~

Circle: Circle King
Release Apr/28/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Army, Uniform, Vore, Childbirth, Violation, Rape, Interspecies Sex

* Prologue

Radiation caused by the past war has killed all the men.
Women who survived vigorously lived in a world without men.
But that peace did not last for long…

The men who had died had become zombies and started attacking women to fulfill their desires.
As if the men’s lust alone came to life, they spread their seeds among women.
Soon the town was controlled by zombies.

But the women wouldn’t do nothing…
They formed an army to fight against the zombies.
The formation of the army bore fruit and gradually drove out the zombies.

The Protagonist, Kanon, admired the army and chose to join it.
Upon the instruction of the army’s highly skilled Colonel Syndergaard, she was training hard.

And finally…
Kanon has finished her training and will head to the battlefield.

* Game (Tower Defense)

Place units and defeat the enemy before they break through.
Your mission to is to protect the defense points.

If the protagonist falls or if the town is destroyed, it is game over.

If a unit encounters an enemy, she will be r*ped on the spot.
Once the enemy has the upper hand, all the units in the area will be r*ped
illustrating a hellish picture with agonizing cries.

The protagonist alone can move and attack by herself
so communicate with other units and head to their aid.

* Please read the instructions or view the in-game tutorial for controls.

* Event & Animations

– Illustration (Masao Kouno)

9 base CGs
* Variations include before insertion, after insertion, plump belly, internal cumshot, blinking, moving mouth, etc.
* Event scenes are fully voiced.

* Animations (over 1000)

Protagonist – 7 base animations
Gunner – 4 base animations
Sniper – 4 base animations
Gunner – 4 base animations
Grenadier – 4 base animations
* includes various variations depending on level, ejaculation, spasm, birthing, passing out, etc.
* Animations are fully voiced.

* Armor Break Animation
Appears when the protagonist or units receive damage

* Gallery Mode & Cheats

Once you have watched a scene, you can rewatch it anytime in the gallery.
This game also contains cheats for those who are not used to action games.

* Stage select, Gallery Mode fully open, Recover Protagonist’s HP
* Cheats are not available in the trial version.

* Required Specifications

CPU: inter core i3 or greater / Memory: 6.0G or greater / HDD: 5.0G or greater
OS: Windows 7 64bit . Windows 8 64bit . Windows 10 64bit

* Will not operate on 32bit computers.
* The game is 3.5G after decompressing.

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