[3D Hentai] The Little Landlady 2nd Ver.2.0.0

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dokidokiりとる大家さん 2nd

Circle: 14rabbits
Release: Jul/02/2017
File Type: EXE

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TL;DR: You’ll need to use some kind of virtual machine running Windows XP (could work with newer versions prior to Win 10; not sure though) and download K-Lite’s Mega Codec Pack on it. Read on for detailed instructions. This game will not run easily in Windows 10. The only way I was able to get it to work was using RyonaniXP in VMWare. Download and install RyonaniXP, then download and install VMWare. Before doing anything more, you need to ensure virtualization is enabled on your system. Going about this differs from system to system and motherboard to motherboard, therefore I… Read more »

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Uhh I just use Windows 10 and work perfectly fine. Just make sure you have:

  1. Window Local set to Japan
  2. Install Japan Language.

That’s what I did, and game running just fine. 100% Save anyone? I’m stuck at 80%