[2D Hentai] Succubus-san of the Tavern – 2nd!

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酒場のサキュバスさん 2人目!

Circle: CARYO
Release: May/06/2018
File Format: EXE
Genre: Cross-section View, Gal, Waitress, Internal Cumshot, Naughty


In the alleyway of an unknown town, in a faraway land,
there be working at an old tavern, a listless gal succubus!
Presenting a gal-like yet unmotivated succubus girl
fully voiced and animated for your self-indulgent pleasure!

[Cummmmmtastic Bukkake Mode]
The more you cum, the more it covers her.
Regardless of however many layers of white cream web
may coat her, succubus-san will try her best to do her job!

[Lewd Mode]
She may be inexperienced at first, but through trying out all
the various sexual plays, she will be enlightened to the lewdness.
Both what she says and her facial expressions will alter when
her inner lust-demon shows its true form.
Enjoy as she exposes her sadistic, man-preying side!

[Animated Cross-sectional Views]
You can turn ON / OFF cross-sectional views during
penetration scenes at your will. During piston like
banging parts (of course) and also ejaculation scenes!
Enjoy watching as cum invades her inner reaches!

[Plentiful Mini Events & Take-Out Mode]
In addition to many mini events, “Take-Out Mode” is loaded
so that you can privately enjoy it with succubus-san after the closing time!

[Scene Variations]
Handjob, footjob, oral sex, penetrative sex, aggressive H plays and more!
11 different scenes + extra in total!
All with the various modes / views listed
above for a great amount of variation!
Upon activating certain conditions, there are mini H events as well.
This time the ejaculation scenes are renewed so that
you can adjust the ejaculation time even more precisely!

By all means, do enjoy your richly erotic animated
life with a succubus-san working at the local tavern!

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