[ACT] SuccubusAffection ver.1.06 (JP-EN)

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Circle: さきゅばすの日記
Release: Mar/15/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Harem, Fantasy, Vanilla Sex, Reverse Rape, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Succubus/Incubus
FIle Size:
353MB (1.73GB)

For Auto Translator:
1. download and extract succubus affection
2. then go to https://github.com/bbepis/XUnity.AutoTranslator/releases and download “XUnity.AutoTranslator-ReiPatcher-4.10.0.zip“.
3. extract the setup exe into the same folder where the succubus affection exe is located
4. run the setup exe
5. execute the new shortcut .lnk that was created
6. you can now run the game from the normal exe

it gets the translations from the internet, so usually the text shows up first in japanese, then it will update to english in 1-2 seconds

Fixes and changes in 1.06
■ Faulty system ■
■ Functional system ■
♥ Last boss walking
can be seen with additional H change

-At the end of Selma H, the hero disappears if it is held up.-The
hero disappears in the order of OP → HCG with CG recollection.- Weinstrike
shoots once more.-4 side boss skills
can be issued in a row-
4 side boss skills is too very strong
in this skill itself in terms of extended cool
now not out cool accelerating effect
4 boss and H Then at the plateau of the hut ● become fine
● etc …

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Don’t forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.
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any guide on how to progress?


stats progression: You can eat food at catgirl’s and succubus’s place, they give permament stat boosts. You can also distrpbute your skill points there (you gain them by fucking monstergirls) and craft equipment. Fucking and taming girls by holding “up” (like you fisnish the bosses and the catgirl in tutorial) Story progression: Collect 3 mushrooms. Go trough battle tutorial. Go to the forest, beat the fairy. Go to the mountain. on your way there you will find a hut that will be your main quicktravel hub. Go to the ruins, beat the undine, climb the mountain, beat the foxgirl. go… Read more »


how do you actually fuck the wolfgirl hunter and shopkepper ? and how long ?


You ejaculate on them 3 times for 3 days each. Then after the 3rd or 4th day you get their cutscene. Make sure to sleep when it’s 100/100 or when the moon icon is up.
It’s not a wolfgirl, it’s a bear. I thought it was wolf too.


Thx so much


Do you know of any possibility that it will appear in English? It is a GREAT game but there are difficulties in certain interactions.


Yes will be but will be slowly be patient


Zell announced that official english translation is in the works


a little guide (only things I understand(i dunno japanese)) as I understand you need to beat, fuck, and then do something to monster girls (up arrow) (befriend?) then fuck them more and choose from the menu (letter C), just fucking increase your characteristics permanently and choosing them increase them while they are chosen (i think it’s all not necessary) about C menu: first it’s skills, then rings, amulets and other things, and pink it’s where you choose girls (when beating and fucking mgirls, you also can you also can use their skills (dunno how much you need to fuck tho)(and… Read more »


Eagerly waiting for a translation for this.


looking at the screenshots, this is 100% from the same person who made forest of the blue skin (or at least the artstyle is) the game is still pretty well known so i guess someone will translate this eventually.


From zell + yamagami
Fobs zell
Shiro no yakata zell


You can use a machine translator to play this game if you use BepInEx, a framework that allows external plugins to be installed, with the AutoTranslator plugin. Keep in mind that it will basically translate nearly everything in the game, from statistics for separate items, to dialogue if you make more than one save file with different names (Unless you go ham with the regex-es when cleaning up the translation). As with machine translators, expect the translation to not be 100% correct and have some minor and/or major errors (that you can clean up if you know your English well enough, and translate some parts yourself if you know Japanese too). It definitely saves time compared to learning Japanese to the point you can read basic words or guessing what button does which.

Highlight the text to read it, I don’t know why FFF decided to make spoiler fonts white and have a white background
Adding BepInEx to other games:


If you know of what games use Unity and has a “mono.dll”, file, you can put in BepInEx and add plugins to this game and other games as well (this is one of them). Some other games that support BepInEx are: Custom Order Maid 3D2, AI Syoujyo, Koikatsu, and many others (Koikatsu and AI Syoujyo has plugins just for that game, be careful when finding plugins for the game you want to mod as some are only made for a certain game). Just remember that not all games are equal and some may act differently and others might be completely incompatible with BepInEx.



To get the plugin up and running, first download the x86 variant of the latest version of BepInEx (v5.0.1 as of 2020-03-18) and extract all the files (except for changelog.txt) in the root directory (the directory of the game). Then download the latest version of the AutoTranslator plugin for BepInEx (v4.10.0 as of 2020-03-18) and extract that to the root directory too. Run the game and you should be set.

Uninstalation and Removal:


If you don’t want to use BepInEx anymore you can delete the BepInEx folder. If you don’t need the AutoTranslator anymore, you can delete the ‘XUnity.AutoTranslator’ folder from BepInEx/plugins. No permanent file compromisation will happen when BepInEx has been installed, allowing you to uninstall BepInEx as you please

Links to the items mentioned:


Welp, Here’s the links (again) because I inted and forgot to add the links:
https://github.com/BepInEx/BepInEx/releases – BepInEx
https://github.com/bbepis/XUnity.AutoTranslator/releases – AutoTranslator
If you are worried about it giving you a virus just extract the downloads and submit it to VirusTotal, it it perfectly safe to use and will do no harm to your computer


god damn that shit actually worked lol.
and it was really simple. the only thing that confused me a bit was that the link
has 9 assets.
i downloaded “tmp font assets bundle”
and “unity autotranslator bepin”
i extracted them + bepinex in the folder and now i got an english translation.
that shit is op lol. idk why you got 2 downvotes when its so simple, requires no installing AND FUCKING WORKS!

but thanks!


update to 1.04 pls


FFF dont update daily the games maybe him update like after 1 mount for example not daily you have more than 2k hentai games 3d 2d hentai rpg and you cant update all the games at the same time only if you have an auto update program linked to the sites where the games are uploaded and FFF dont have that its manual upload and update not a program


This post was 4 days outdated the moment it was posted


yeah when v 1.02 was releaased FFF upload the 1.0 but him will update to a diferent version im sure it will take a little but also the v1.04 dont give us so much things only the girls like succubus and cat witch can move free like other monsters thats all and out of the house you will get instructions to go to a new zone but im not sure there is a new zone with new monsters cuz they cant create that fast monsters and zone…


The issue with 1.0 was that there were multiple serious bugs


i just finished 1.0 and honestly didnt see any bugs.

the only thing that might be considered a bug is that no matter your “mana” you can dash 4 times in air


ok, maybe just 2 days

Where i can send you the file?

found link on F* (just to mention, nothing else) in comments of authors old game: https://mega.nz/#!O9UBiYJT!iRbeJBsla_pqUGYKU5aqnzuU-fsnBHM7W6e6wGy7aQw


since this got updated to 1.04 can i keep my save from 1.00?
also is there a changelog?


Yes and…no there arent any changelog to see the errors or bugs id source or path


New update as of April 4th, 2020. Version 1.06 Fixes and changes in 1.06 ■ Faulty system ■ ■ Functional system ■ ♥ Last boss walking can be seen with additional H change -At the end of Selma H, the hero disappears if it is held up.-The hero disappears in the order of OP → HCG with CG recollection.- Weinstrike shoots once more.-4 side boss skills can be issued in a row- 4 side boss skills is too very strong in this skill itself in terms of extended cool now not out cool accelerating effect 4 boss and H Then… Read more »


Ill share with you something nice that I found, once you beat Iris 2nd time as the boss, and then you Equip her as your following friend she will follow you with her new Costume.


Also Knowing Zell23 there should be some hard to find secrets in the game so.. Keep your eyes open xD


the game starts in window mode and i cant find a resolution option nor make it full screen can any one help?
much appreciated


32bir ör 64 bit?


Aqui esperando a que pongan la ver 1.07 XD


Are there more games like this? I already played FOBS A & B… Anymore?


So guys, do you know how to change resolution ?


Please! Update this game. Its (JP-Eng) on the site, but there is a (Full English) already.


SuccubusAffection Full English