Some changes to the patreon rewards and Subscribestar

1. All 2$ and 5$ posts in the future will last until the end of each month. They will be deleted around 1st or 2nd of the next month, start from September 2019.
2. PM me on patreon if you miss some of them after it got deleted. I’ll send a download links to you if you did pledge for that month.
3. New and returned patreon still gain access to all existing posts in the past.

This way it will be more fair to patrons that support us every single months.
Again, 50$ tier get advantage here because they gain access to all rewards from my storage directly.

And My Subscribestar Page will be discontinued soon because I feel it’s not fit for me.
If you’re a subscribers there, Please unsubscribed. And I hope you guys will continue to support me on Patreon.

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